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About Us

About Us

Hi, my name is Paul Thistle. I started working in the motorcycle business 42 years ago, (It really doesn't seem like that long ago!). I have been a motorcycle enthusiast longer than that. I love to ride, repair, and talk about motorcycles. I participate in all sorts of motorcycling events. From riding to racing, taking classes to teaching. Nothing is more exciting than helping a child to enjoy the fun of riding a motorcycle. That experience helps me remember every day why our shop is here. I want to keep you having fun with your machine! I know the last place you want to take your pride and joy is to the repair shop. I take the responsibility of repairing your bike very seriously. I know that you haven't brought it to the shop for the joy of hanging out with us. And I understand that you would not be here if you did not need some assistance. It is the goal of Blue Ridge Yamaha & Polaris to keep you informed every step of the way, to use all the information at our disposal to repair your machine properly, and in the least amount of time possible. To do this I have selected enthusiasts with the same values that are willing to go that extra mile.


This is the most complete shop I have ever worked in. We have tools and equipment to do just about anything there is to a motorcycle or ATV. Our service team is the best in the area. That's not just BS, ask around. We pride ourselves on being able to get to the bottom of any service problem you might have. Not just give you a bunch of technical jargon, but explain to you what is going on. I am going to attempt to walk you through the shop and show you what we can do.


Our computer system allows Jason to track repairs by customer, bike, or vehicle identification number. It speeds up parts acquisition and gives Jason the ability to give more accurate repair estimates in less time. When you call about your machine the information is easy to find.


Each of our technicians work areas is equipped to make servicing your machine easy. We use post lifts. They make lifting a bike fast and easy. We had custom tops and ramps made to handle extra wide tires on the newer model large machines. Work benches with custom-made stainless tops help us keep up with parts from your bike. A chemical cabinet for fast access to the many different chemicals and adhesives required to service your machine. Lots of light, air hose connections, and an extension cord reel.


We have rim grip automatic tire changer's. They have jaws for motorcycle and ATV wheels. The clamping surfaces are plastic to prevent rim damage. All parts of the machine that come in contact with the wheel are plastic. We use a snap on computerized wheel balancer for road wheels.


We have several pieces of parts cleaning equipment. This is a large ultrasonic parts cleaner. It works well at getting into small passages and cleaning them out. So it works great on dirty carburetors.


This is a high pressure wash cabinet. It uses an aqueous solution. This machine works well at cleaning out engine cases with gears installed. It gets stuff "squeaky" clean very quickly.


We also have a mineral spirits wash tank for greasy prewash.